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Biblical Teaching
you can TRUST


With you
THROUGH the ages

It all began with a local half-hour program called "The Chapel Hour" on Atlanta-area television stations. Today, you can enjoy "In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley" and related resources from almost anywhere in the world in more than 50 languages.

Leading People WORLDWIDE
into a GROWING relationship with

My wife and I want to thank you so very deeply for your devotion and hard work which you put into your sermons. We wake up every Sunday, setting our clocks to see you. We feel so refreshed, and encouraged by the Word which you bring into our lives. I thank you again for your devotion, and help in assisting people such as myself.


From our CAMERAS to

Not only do we capture Dr. Stanley’s teachings and prepare them to be viewed around the world, but we also film meaningful stories from people like you about how Dr. Stanley’s messages have affected their lives.

From our MICS to your SPEAKERS

Whether you listen on a radio, computer, phone, or Alexa-enabled device, we work to make sure you can hear every bit of Dr. Stanley’s timeless teachings.

From our PENS to your MAILBOX

We all need help understanding God’s Word sometimes. That’s why we create articles, guides, books, and other resources to help you apply Dr. Stanley’s biblical insights to your life.

Did you know you can get several of our resources for free?


Stay in Tune with God

There's something special about sitting down with pen and paper during your time quiet time with God. With the In Touch print devotional, you'll get to study God's Word and write His truth on your mind and heart.

For the past two years I’ve been going through Dr. Stanley’s devotional and journaling as well. I love the devotional, it always speaks to me! It is incredible how God speaks through In Touch Ministries! Thank you so much.

Brenda Winslow, Maine

From our KEYBOARDS to
your INBOX

The digital world can be a dark place full of distractions and misinformation. But we leverage technology to provide a well-lit path of biblical truth so you can find spiritual direction you can trust.

Everything you need to get through the week sent straight to your inbox

We’ve got something for EVERYONE

What are you struggling with right now? Find resources to help you walk through life’s darkest valleys in our online store.

In Touch has been a part of my daily ‘feeding.’ After my mother was hospitalized and was advised to limit physical movements, we listened to the daily devotions before taking breakfast in her room. It has been a great source of consolation to my mother in facing pain and immobility, and encouragement to me while caring for her 24/7.


We’ll meet you WHEREVER you are

Sometimes it can be hard to find trustworthy discipleship materials—especially for church leaders in remote areas of the world. That’s why we partner with local missionaries to host trainings and distribute educational tools and resources.

We’re here
to HELP You

There are many difficulties in life. But the Lord does not leave us to fight our battles alone. We would love to pray with you and, if needed, help you find the right resource to support you in your time of need. Our hope is that you walk away having had an unforgettable, positive experience with us.

THE good news of

We’re here to walk alongside you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. For those new to the Christian faith, our new believer’s kit will give you a great place to start.

Thank you!

Your prayers and gifts make all of this possible. May God bless your faithful obedience to Him as you lead others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ in your own life.