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The Power of Prayer

The most valuable gift Julie Beemer can give refugees in Lebanon is the love of her personal Savior.

At Home With Refugees

Chris Todd brings hospitality to displaced families in Lebanon.

Fuel for the Journey

Mike Dawson used to be the Yąnomamö tribe’s sole source of Scripture, but today the Torch spreads God’s Word throughout the region.

In His Perfect Time

After the Lord fulfilled Beth Puckett's dream to have family, He gave her another one—to love the people of Guyana.

Searching For a Signal

The Fukuda family is working together to reach the people of Japan—one In Touch broadcast at a time.

The Long Road Home

How Fred and Rosella Sawatsky use their home as an outpost of God’s kingdom

The Renaissance Chaplain

Phil DuFrene shares his love for Jesus with seafarers by getting on board.

Spirit and the Word

In a region of Kenya where non-Muslims are persecuted, James Okafor continues to share God’s love and Word.

A Cloud of Witnesses

Cyrus Khorsani may have fled Iran, but he did not abandon his brothers and sisters in Christ.

Driven by the Word

For his customers, it's just another ride. But for JP, it's a chance to share the gospel.

On a Roman Road

How Roman infrastructure aided the spread of Christianity

Evangelism Fail

I thought God needed me. I was wrong.

Are You Listening?

When it comes to sharing our faith, too often we’re missing a key component.

Millionth Messenger History and Celebration

In 2007, In Touch began a new way in reaching those who weren’t able to hear the message of the gospel. Today we celebrate a milestone and continue to look towards the future with the celebration of the 1 millionth Messenger.