Comfort for the Mourning

You are not alone; God knows the depths of pain death causes.

“Jesus wept” (John 11:35). Never have two words held a more powerful truth: God knows the depths of pain death causes. Jesus’ friend Lazarus had passed away days before, while He was out of town. The family was angry with Him for not coming sooner—surely He could have done something to stop death from taking their loved one too soon.

But “stopping death” wasn’t part of the plan for Lazarus. Jesus was going to perform a greater miracle than simply healing him. Lazarus was going to go through death and come out the other side alive. Still, in that moment between the death and the resurrection of His friend, Jesus wept. Knowing all the wonderful things He knew, understanding that it was temporary, He still felt the loss of his friend and the pain of separation.

It’s one thing to know that God’s got everything handled; it’s something else to actually walk through the valley of death. This booklet full of Dr. Stanley’s teachings has been designed to accompany you in times of sorrow. Whether you find yourself grieving the passing of a loved one or the loss of a dream, we hope this booklet gives you comfort and hope as you pray through the seasons of mourning in your life.

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