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20,000 Messengers to Puerto Rico

Sharing the Hope of Christ Through In Touch Messengers

  • April 05, 2018

Equipping Communities for Ministry 

It’s hard for many residents in Puerto Rico to stay positive as they continue to deal with the long-term damage Hurricane Maria inflicted upon their daily lives. That’s why we’re sending Messengers to the island--to lift their spirits and share the hope of Christ with them in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Messenger - Puerto Rico

While it’s a long, slow recovery, the gospel is being proclaimed and God is being glorified in the process. We’ve already sent over 10,000 Messengers to the island so far, and the stories people have shared with us have warmed our hearts.

“As a communicator at CommSense at the time of Hurricane Maria--when the damage to the island and the community was still so fresh and the pain and frustration so palpable--I was very surprised when they handed me a very slim little piece of technology that, little did I know, would become so integral in my daily life. At the time, I had no idea what the Messenger was, nor did I know about In Touch Ministries. I started to use the Messenger and it was a great blessing. It served a double purpose, since there was no light. I started to listen to the messages and listening to the Bible brought peace and calmness in this stressful moment. I want to thank Dr. Stanley  and In Touch for thinking and praying for us, and also for sending the Messenger to Puerto Rico. I want to let you know that my favorite thing about the Messenger is that I was able to regain my faith by listening to the word of God. So thank you very much!”


Luis Quinones


Each Messenger has a built-in flashlight, FM radio, and gospel messages to encourage people as they wrestle with the devastation caused by the hurricane.

“I want to thank In Touch Ministries for the Messenger that was sent to us. I was struggling with my belief … a lot of questions were answered by listening to the preaching and the Bible. My mind has more clear thoughts about God and His word. I was looking for Him, and He changed my life. I feel free and thank Him daily. Now I know that He will always be there for me. That is how the Messenger impacted my life. I will pray for your ministry—and please never stop. You bring hope to many lives.”


Kassandra Arocho


Messenger - Puerto Rico 





“Our church, Centro Cristiano Nueva Vision, was blessed to receive the Messengers. We didn’t have light for a long time. To be able to hear the Word of God and to be able to use it as a flashlight was a great blessing. We gave one Messenger to every member of our church, and they were very grateful. We are praying for your ministry to be blessed so you can continue to bless more people.”


Pastor Santos Chaparro


Please join us in praying for those in need—pray for crime prevention, health, wisdom, and electricity as they continue to recover from the destruction.

Messenger - Tanzania
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