Healthy Living

None of us know how long we’ll live, but while we have breath, we should desire to be useful and fruitful for God.

The life you’ll remember is not the life you’re living. Think about it. How much have you forgotten already? Consider the stories of the Old Testament where years pass between one verse and the next. Like a Dickens novel, we’ll only remember the best and worst of times—the stories we tell ourselves about the things that have happened to us.

As time passes, the things that were once so important to us will be forgotten and the things we once took for granted will be missed. The years of waiting will be reduced to a few words: “We waited years until it happened…”

As the book of Ecclesiastes reminds us, life rarely meets our expectations, but it is still a beautiful thing to be cherished and celebrated—in our memories, in the present moment, and as we anticipate the future.

So, what kind of story are you living? What will you remember? And what will others remember about you? Are you preoccupied with worries about the future? Are you struggling with your body? Are relational conflicts consuming your life? If you have accepted God’s gift of salvation, you are not a victim of your circumstances. Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Even if God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we want Him to, He keeps His promises. And whether in this mortal life or in the rest of our eternal one, He will meet our every need and take care of His children.

That’s why we’ve compiled this booklet full of Dr. Stanley’s teachings on living a joy-filled, fruitful life. We hope the Lord uses this booklet to help you pray through every aspect of your well-being and blesses you with the abundant life He longs to give to all who call Him Father.

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