A Seed Is Planted

As their hunger for His Word continues, the people in the small village of Delicias, Honduras, have big plans to grow their Christian community.


“He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Matthew 11:15).

The tiny village of Delicias was a day’s hike from the main Honduras road but that didn’t deter the small band of Christians from coming.

Georgia native Andrew Owensby found himself on a hill surrounded by cornfields, bowing in prayer with a man, Santiago, who had been a stranger nearly twenty-four hours ago.


Santiago received Jesus as his Savior after hearing Andrew’s testimony on the hill.

Though Santiago sought to grow in God’s word, he could not read. In fact, many of the Delicias villagers were never taught to read or write.

Andrew felt helpless, knowing he couldn’t just hand his new friend a Bible. Wanting to encourage Santiago and disciple him in his beginning faith, Andrew gave Santiago an In Touch Messenger.

He gave the small audio device to Santiago and showed him how to use it.

Four years later, Andrew visited his friend in Honduras and witnessed a surprising sight.

Every night, Santiago and a growing number of villagers were listening to the same Messenger Andrew had left them, powering the tiny device off of solar energy.


The core group of Delicias Christians were using the Messenger to encourage their personal walks with Christ, and were able to receive the encouragement they needed to share their testimonies with other villagers. 

The number of believers in the tiny, off-road community is growing.

The Honduran believers now plan to grow their following with a church building, using Messengers to relay God’s truth to other eager ears.

God used the Messenger to grow the community of Christians in a village that was previously deemed as inaccessible.

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15 He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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