Biblical Literacy Series

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The Bible is God’s Word—living and active, a divine gift. And though it’s considered the most popular book of all time, the ability to read it well is not so common. That’s what this series is all about: Our goal is to help you become a better student of Scripture, no matter how long you’ve been reading it. Ultimately, it’s our hope that you wouldn’t just improve your thinking about God, but that you would learn to love Him better, too.


Traveling into the strange world of the Bible
by Winn Collier


Verse by Verse

Shouldn't we learn how to read poetry since it fills so much of the Bible?
by Brad Fruhauff



Spirit Calling

How to hear the voice of God in Old Testament prophecy
by Michelle Van Loon


God With Us

The radical narrative that is still transforming the world
by Winn Collier


To Whom It May Concern

If the epistles were written for us, but not to us, then how should we read them?
by Karen H. Jobes


Troubling Words in the Bible

The Bible is full of hard teachings we’d rather omit, but we need every page.
by Heath A. Thomas


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