Being Christ’s Body

Greater Than / Less Than


Greater Than

> Building friendships in my local community that lead to gospel conversations

> Ordering my life around the Word and prayer and sacrament in my local body

> Giving myself to my brothers and sisters without expectation of satisfaction

> Loving the messy, imperfect, and diverse body of believers in my backyard

> Helping my fellow church members see, understand, and act on behalf of the vulnerable

> Worshipping and serving alongside people who think differently than I do


> Investing in, joining, and reforming key institutions

> Engaging in face-to-face conversations with people who think differently

> Being formed weekly by the faithful and regular worship with the local church

> Changing the world through the ordinary work of God in the local church

> Letting God shape and form me through imperfect church experiences

> Meditating on the preached word on Sunday evening

> Hoping to serve someone at church on Sunday

> Confessing my sins daily before the Lord

> Asking God to use my brothers and sisters to change me

> Tithing my money to my local church for mission work

> Feeling grateful for an opportunity to enter into the joy of generosity

> Experiencing the weekly joy of a small group

> Knowing I am part of a worldwide body

> Humbly understanding I am part of a 2,000-year movement of the Holy Spirit

Less Than

< Talking about the need to share Jesus


< Ordering my life around every new Christian controversy or hot trend

< Posting all of my church frustrations and slights on social media

< Looking for an exactly like-minded tribe to conform to my preferences

< Expressing endless irritation at the church’s blind spots


< Publicly declaring my distance from Christians whose political opinions I despise

< Grumbling about institutional corruption and ineffectiveness

< Arguing about politics online


< Hoping to “get something” out of every church service


< Changing the world through hashtags


< Looking for a church with just the right mix of worship and teaching

< Complaining about the preacher’s sermon over lunch

< Grousing about the people who annoy me at church on Sunday

< Gossiping about the faults of fellow church members

< Wishing my brothers and sisters would change

< Coveting the life of my neighbors


< Hating when the pastor speaks on giving

< Dealing with the loneliness in a digital community

< Wishing I were in a different family

< Thinking my church has the corner on grace

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