Double Take Time

We give you Jamie A. Hughes and Daniel Darling with two perspectives on time and how it impacts our relationship with God.


Take 1: Time Is On My Side

by Jamie A. Hughes


My family paced the labor and delivery waiting room like dancers before a performance. We chattered about the little one we were yet to meet—my niece Beatrix, the first baby to join our family in 18 years. We wondered together what color her hair would be, who she’d look and act like. Nearly 14 hours after my sister-in-law’s pains began, Miss Bea came. And the wait had felt like nothing at all. Read more >


Take 2: Halfway There

by Daniel Darling


“Just get ready,” a colleague whispered to me during a birthday party at work. “40 is great. 41 is ... Well, you’ll see.” I brushed it off with a laugh. Turning 40 struck me as an accomplishment. Four decades appeared to be the per- fect age—old enough not to be foolish and young enough to still have energy and ideas and a career that seems upwardly mobile. Whenever I read the profiles of young leaders, they seem to be in their 40s. Right? Read more >


Photographs by Kevin Van Aelst

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