Missionary Driver

Julius Fai, a disciple of Julius Esunge, uses his driving to reach out to the people of Cameroon.

Julius Esunge lives in Virginia, but his heart is never far from his homeland of Cameroon, where he continues nurturing disciples. On his frequent visits there to teach and preach, the math professor and evangelist takes time to develop the people around him—in particular a group of young men. Young men like Julius Fai.

Fai is a car guy—a self-taught mechanic and a careful navigator behind the wheel. Fai’s mother died when he was just 6 years old, and he spent his childhood under the care of his aunties, moving from one home to another over the years. By 17 he was on his own, the lowest-ranking of eight mechanics at Fako Garage in Buea, Cameroon. Today, he’s the number two mechanic, one slot below the owner.


But more important to Fai than the garage is what he can do in the service of God. Years ago he became Esunge’s personal driver, and ever since, Fai expertly taxis his mentor to places where the gospel is preached and Messengers are distributed. Wherever he is and in whatever he’s doing, Esunge never misses an opportunity to share the love of God. And the example has rubbed off on Fai. He has many quiet moments—while he is standing by, waiting on his next trip—but he uses them to listen to the New Testament on his Messenger. And he keeps his eyes open for simple, effective ways to be an ambassador of Christ.

When Cameroon’s president was in Buea on official business, Fai stood outside with a member of the Presidential Guard. He gave the man a Micro, a small SD card loaded with Messenger content, for his cellphone. “You’re standing here all the time,” he told the man. “Perhaps it will help you.”

During Fai’s many quiet moments, He listens to the New Testament and keeps his eyes open for ways to be an ambassador of Christ

On another occasion Fai was listening to his Messenger when someone approached him, curious about the device. Discovering that it was an audio Bible, the man asked if he could have it. Fai eagerly complied. He later said, “I think the Messenger is doing good for that guy.”

And through the Messenger, God is also doing a good work in Fai. He may not be holding meetings or talking to the nation’s most important people, but Fai is nonetheless on mission, watching for opportunities. The joy on his face is unmistakable. And when he comes bearing the good news of Jesus Christ with his great, wide grin, he’s hard to resist.


Photography by Ben Rollins
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