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Thank you for supporting In Touch Ministries. Your partnership is a crucial part of our mission to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Touch Foundation is the charitable subsidiary of In Touch Ministries and exists to support its global outreach. Foundation Ministry Representatives contact our partners each week to share stories, offer thanks, and pray. We also have Ministry Ambassadors that have the privilege of meeting with partners throughout the United States to convey our appreciation.

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Planned Giving

Planned giving offers additional options for donating to In Touch, such as outright gifts of appreciated assets, gift plans that provide you income, and bequests that take effect after one's lifetime.

Please review the options below and contact us at 1-800-967-2200 or email

Outright Gifts
  • Gift of Stock
  • Charitable IRA Rollover
  • Gift of Real Estate
  • Gifts That Provide Income

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Gifts After Lifetime

  • Bequest by Will or Trust
  • Gift of Retirement Assets
  • Life Insurance

  • Our team

    Wayne Jones

    Wayne Jones

    Planned Giving Manager

    phone: 770-508-0834

    Cindy Santos

    Cindy Santos

    Planned Gifts

    phone: 770-508-0836

    Joyce Lee

    Joyce Lee

    Planned Gifts
    Ministry Representative

    phone: 770-508-5819

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