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Daily Devotion

Facing Challenges

Our prayers are fortified by genuine worship and the voices of others.

June 25, 2022

Psalm 17:1-15

Everyone faces challenges. Whether it’s financial difficulty, a health crisis, or personal trauma, we’ll all struggle through hardship at some point. As believers, our first instinct should be to pray, and how we do so is important.

Our conversations with God are often problem-focused, but many men and women in the Old Testament didn’t just present a list of issues to God—they laced their requests with worship. For example, if we look at today’s passage, David praises God for His protection, even as he begs for refuge. We’ll emerge from our prayer time with renewed vigor and confidence if, instead of merely concentrating on our most pressing difficulty, we acknowledge God’s capability to handle anything and everything that comes our way.

Another way to face challenges through prayer is by inviting others to join in. This requires courage, especially for private people. But it can be a strengthening and encouraging experience to hear another person intercede for us. In addition, God may provide a solution through one of our prayer partners. 

Our faithful Father is always here for us. We can be certain He will show us how to face our difficulties, whether through another person, His Word, or His voice in our heart.

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