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The In Touch Messenger Lab in Sudan

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The Nuba people have endured repeated bombings and untold hardship. In the hands of local pastors, the Messenger Lab brings the gospel of Christ to heal the suffering.
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In Touch Ministries makes every effort to use contributions made for a particular project, such as the distribution of Messengers, for its specified purposes. In the event a project becomes overfunded or its purposes frustrated due to circumstances beyond our control, this may no longer be wise or practical. In such circumstances, In Touch Ministries will use those donations elsewhere to fulfill its fundamental mission of “leading people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ."

Targeted by the Sudanese government to the north for political and religious reasons, Nuba Christians and their Animist neighbors are struggling to recover from the air attacks that ended in 2017. Coupled with the attacks was a government effort to starve the Nuba, a challenge that persists today as most humanitarian aid is blocked from entering the region.

But hundreds of pastors are standing with their community to bring care and comfort through the gospel. With the tools of the In Touch Messenger Lab, these local evangelists bring the hope of Christ through the Messenger audio Bible, trauma healing programs, and our Life Principles Conference.

“Teach me Your way, Lord,
And lead me on a level path
Because of my enemies.”

— Psalm 27:11

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In Focus

the Nuba

How can a community be restored after years of trauma? With the nightmare of air attacks echoing in their ears, the Nuba are healing through the discipleship tools of the Messenger Lab.



The Voice
of the Shepherds

Morris Kartina and Philip Komi are two Nuba pastors who’ve discovered profound ways that the Messenger can deepen their ministry to their brothers and sisters in the region.



North Africa

With hundreds of Sudanese pastors equipped with Messengers and pastor training, how is In Touch focused on the other nations of North Africa? A conversation with our Global Communications team.

Equiping Pasters in the Sudan

A Look Back

Pastors in the Sudan

Before the air raids on the Nuba ended, In Touch trainer Bill Loveless was there, laying the groundwork for our partnership with Nuba pastors. He reflects on the first distribution of Messengers and the Life Principles Conference.

“The insight I have received from God as a result of listening to this [the Messenger] is that God wants to redeem the whole world. No single tribe is left out.”

— Philip Komi, Nuba pastor

With your help, Nuba pastors are sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Messengers encourage persecuted Christians and provide a tool for the Muslim and Animist people to practice their Arabic while listening to God’s Word. With the truth planted in hearts, Christ is making salvation known to thousands. Pray with us as God moves.

What is the
Messenger Lab?

What began with a solar-powered audio player containing the Bible and Dr. Stanley’s messages is now much more than a device. It’s grown into a collective of thinkers and servants all over the world working tirelessly for the gospel. Wherever we go, we look for the right solution at the right time—whether it’s one of our proprietary devices or another tool—to make sure the message of salvation in Jesus Christ is accessible to those who have never heard.

A Messenger Lab device contains: the entire Bible, dozens of Dr. Stanley’s foundational sermons, the 30 Life Principles, and other material meant to explain salvation and develop mature believers. Available in 100+ languages.

Meet The Family


The Messenger is In Touch Ministries’ flagship solar-powered audio device. Since 2007, we’ve reached people who have limited access to electricity, internet, and broadcast media through this tool. Because it can feature multiple languages in one device, it’s capable of crossing borders and transcending barriers.

  • Solar-powered with a built-in flashlight and FM receiver
  • Pre-loaded with Scripture and messages from Dr. Stanley
  • Available in 100+ languages

When a village has a scarcity of electricity, there may not be enough light to read or study by, and getting together with believing friends might be impossible. The Torch, one of the more versatile of the Messenger Lab technologies, features a night-light, radio, and charging station. It’s made to bring people together.

  • Built-in lantern, radio, and flashlight
  • Loudspeaker for audiences up to 100 people
  • USB port for charging other mobile devices

Even in the most remote areas, many people carry a cellphone. The LightStream Pocket is designed to offer the gospel to people who don’t even know to look for it. The device detects the cellphone and notifies the owner that Bible resources are available for free download.

  • Portable content distribution system that creates its own Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Able to copy micro SD cards

Sometimes when entering customs, our Messenger Lab devices are met with scrutiny. So we’ve placed the same content found on our larger devices on a USB drive.

  • Small and easily shared from person to person
  • Compatible with nearly all computers
  • Easy to transport in bulk

Imagine not being able to safely carry a Bible or openly talk about the gospel. In places where this is a day-to-day reality, this tiny memory chip offers a way to listen to content surreptitiously through a cellphone.

  • Incredibly small and discreet
  • Fits nearly all cellphones and holds hundreds of audio files
  • Can be listened to individually or passed along to a new friend

Many countries don’t have accessible or affordable seminary training, but a tablet device provides a full library of resources for spiritual leaders. We provide tablets whenever In Touch Ministries representatives are on hand to perform Dr. Stanley’s Life Principles training.

  • Puts biblical training in the leaders’ hands
  • Loaded with Scripture and messages from Dr. Stanley, biblical dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more
  • Available in English and Spanish

Stories From the Field


Made to Rest

What does missional quarantine look like for a man who is often traversing gravel roads and climbing mountains for the gospel? Read about God’s perfect timing in a missionary’s life.


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Even as missionaries provide spiritual food for Kenyans, they’re also actively seeking safe water to quench the people’s physical thirst.