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Designed to Serve

The right image can minister to our hearts in a way words can’t express. But finding that image isn’t always easy. Debi takes this challenge in stride in her role with the In Touch Creative Services team.

In Touch Ministries staff November 29, 2021

Debi, Digital Design Manager

Next to her desk in the Creative Services Department, Debi stands at a long table covered with various printouts for In Touch materials in the making. There are mockups for ads, wall calendars, and other projects currently in production among the graphic design team. At the moment, Debi is checking the color saturation on a design comp, aware that things often look different from computer screen to printed material.

Years ago, before she applied for her job, Debi worried about working for a ministry. She didn’t think it could be nearly as exciting and engaging as working at a larger ad agency. But that idea quickly dissipated when she began her role at In Touch. “I was amazed by the opportunity to grow, and they really allow you to be creative,” she said. She sings the praises of her leaders over the years, people who have encouraged her to take risks and expand her creativity.

In fact, another blessing in disguise for Debi was the team unity. In the ad agencies where she’d worked, there’d been an air of competitiveness and back-stabbing from other employees. But here she’s part of a team that’s constantly encouraging each other and lending a hand when needed.

“I was amazed by the opportunity to grow, and they really allow you to be creative.”

Enjoyable as it is to work for the ministry, Debi has had periods where she’s questioned herself: “Do I really make a difference?” Recently she was approached by a friend who’d seen an In Touch graphic that really ministered to him. It was one of Dr. Stanley’s photos of an ancient wooden boat, washed ashore. Though this boat may be old, it would sail again—a reference to the Lord’s ability to make all things new. This friend was in a difficult season of their life and that one graphic created by Debi and the team helped him to see Jesus shining in the darkness. His testimony reminded her that yes, she does make a difference—her calling brings the gospel to people in living color.

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