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“My Peace I Give to You”

The heavenly Father who protected Rex Worthy through childhood still empowers him today.

Joseph Miller July 7, 2023

Rex Worthy walks the narrow streets of Escuintla, Guatemala, and takes his time getting about. Volcán del Fuego—an active volcano—rises in the distance, though for most residents in the region, it’s not distant enough. In 2018 an eruption killed or injured hundreds of people. Small flare-ups of gas and ash happen roughly every 20 minutes, and the locals live with the uncertainty of when the next large event will occur.

Photograph by Ivan Kashinsky

Worthy has returned to Escuintla, his wife Nely’s hometown, as part of outreach efforts with a local church there. At least once a year, the couple collect donations at home in the U.S.—supplies from a dentist friend, toiletries and clothing from businesses—and ship them for distribution. But now, they’re bringing a new tool for evangelism: the In Touch Messenger.

Raised by a single mother, Worthy turned to God at an early age, thereby finding the father figure he desperately needed. But there were other challenges for him to face, including cerebral palsy and the need for extensive speech therapy. More recently, he’s had six surgeries—hip and knee replacements as well as other joint-related procedures. These treated problems that stemmed from a grueling 30-year career making films and television programs. But he doesn’t let physical difficulties discourage him from the call to evangelism.

When sharing the gospel in Escuintla, Worthy knows he’s addressing people who yearn for security—who live with a certain level of dread, wondering not if but when the volcano will erupt again. His deep desire is to introduce them to the One who brings eternal security. And as faces light up at the sound of the Messenger, he knows the perfect peace of his heavenly Father will soon follow.

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