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Daily Devotion

The Desires of Your Heart

When we learn to delight in the Lord, we are forever changed and discover unspeakable joy.

March 30, 2023

Psalm 37:4-7

What is your greatest desire? We often read today’s passage and assume that it means God will give us whatever we want. It’s not uncommon for someone to talk about a prayer request and then add, “God promised to give me the desires of my heart.” But in context, that scripture reveals the Lord’s principle for purifying our desires and issues a call for devotion to Him. To delight in the Lord means to take pleasure in discovering more about Him and in following Him. As we do, the Holy Spirit aligns our heart’s desires with His, which positions us to experience His blessings. 

When we commit our way to God, we allow our thoughts, goals, and lifestyle to be shaped by His will and the things He loves. In other words, we acknowledge His right to determine whether our longing fits His plan. If we rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him, we can rely on Him to work out circumstances, even when the desire He’s given us seems impossible. When He is our first love, our heart becomes focused on making His glory known with our life. 

God wants to give us our heart’s desires in His time, when we’re aligned with His will. As we learn to enjoy Him for who He is, our self-focused wants are replaced by His perfect will and purpose for us. 

Bible in One Year: 1 Samuel 19-21

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