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Integrity In The Life of the Believer

Can people rely upon your honesty and trustworthiness?

December 4, 2021

Do people see you as a person of integrity? Can they rely upon your honesty and trustworthiness?

Dr. Stanley states that your integrity is at the core of who you are. It defines your identity and the content of your character. However, you can easily lose your integrity by compromising the truth or rationalizing certain events. Fear of rejection, the avoidance of conflict, and selfishness are among the reasons for this loss. But Dr. Stanley points to one more reason: an unwillingness to trust God. When you have the assurance that He is in control, you have the courage to be upright, reliable, and trustworthy. Knowing He can be trusted should give you reason to live in such a way that you can be trusted, too.

Sometimes you must be courageous and strong enough to suffer the consequences of doing the right thing. This is how you can uphold your integrity while honoring the eternal standards of God's Holy Word.

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