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TV Sermon

Suffering a Faith Failure

Trust that God will lead you in the best way possible because He loves you unconditionally.

June 29, 2024

Dr. Stanley teaches you how to avoid a faith failure. God is trustworthy to lead you in the best way possible because He loves you unconditionally. Learn how to express your absolute confidence that God knows what to do even when you don’t.

Sermon Outline

Trusting God is essential no matter what situation we’re facing in life, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. In this week’s sermon, Dr. Stanley explains the causes and consequences of faith failures and how we can correct them.

Key Passage: Numbers 13:1-33 | Numbers 14:1-45

Trust in God is the foundation that must always be present in our mind when we come to Him about anything. If we don’t believe the Lord is trustworthy, we risk having a faith failure.

“A faith failure is the failure to express or exercise our faith when confronted with a challenge, trial, or temptation.”

What are some examples of a faith failure?

  • We trust God for a moment but then give up.

  • God challenges us to move ahead in some area, but we back away.

  • We want to either do something we shouldn’t or walk away from an opportunity, so we put a “but” in our relationship with God.

“The Israelites were on the brink of blessing, and they had a faith failure.”

A faith failure…

  • Can happen to all of us.

  • Is depicted in Numbers 13-14, when Moses sent 12 spies into Canaan. They returned with evidence of God’s promise, but the majority’s fear caused the nation’s defeat.

  • Results when we know what God has said but refuse to believe Him.

“Fear is a destroyer. Fear is a cheater. Fear deprives us of the very best that God wants to give us.”

What caused the Israelites’ faith failure?


  • They forgot about God and gave in to their fear of defeat.

  • We may miss blessings because we are afraid of what others might say or of not living up to our own expectations.

Not recalling God’s power in prior experiences

  • We have examples of God’s work in our past that will help us trust Him today.

Not seeing things from God’s perspective

  • The more we look at the object of our fear, the larger it becomes. Instead, we should stay mindful of God and look at things the way He does.

“Rebellion against God is devastating.”

A faith failure’s consequences are that we…

  • Will suffer disappointment. The Israelites were deeply grieved by the loss they experienced due to their rebellion.

  • Will develop a distorted view of circumstances. On the brink of entering the Promised Land, the Israelites wanted to turn back. They wouldn’t trust in God’s coming blessings.

  • Can cause others to suffer. The failure of 10 spies affected the whole nation and caused great misery.

How do we correct a faith failure?

  • Get into the Word of God.

  • Remember the awesome things God has done for us.

  • Keep our focus on Him.

After Watching

Consider these thoughts and questions in response to the sermon:

  • What has God done that increased your willingness to trust Him? Recall a few events from your past that can help you avoid a faith failure.

  • According to Dr. Stanley, prayer has an impact on how we view our obstacles. If we focus on who God is and what He can do, we keep our problems in the proper perspective. Might it be better to think differently about something you’re currently facing?

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